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Our own products

“Vermont vinegar APOLLO” is a health and beauty drink, made from apple vinegar, rice vinegar, the well-known health food chlorella, garlic, royal jelly and ginseng extract etc.
It is apple flavored and is a delicious daily drink.
Drink APOLLO with your family to enjoy a healthy life together.

Features of APOLLO
Concentrate type. Use 20 ml per mix. The 1800ml package (4,200 yen with tax) is quite economical as it can be used for 90 mixes.

About 24 kcal per mix. People can enjoy this drink without worrying about calories. APOLLO’s calorific content is reduced by use of a natural sweetener, stevia. Therefore we recommend it to anyone concerned about their own health or that of their family.


No artificial coloring, preservatives or synthetic sweeteners are used.

How to drink APOLLO

* Since it is a concentrate, please dilute it 5-10 times with either cold or hot water.
* If you dilute it with milk, it makes a yogurt-like drink.
* You may also dilute it with alcohol, according to your preference.
* It is also enjoyable as sports drink and after-bath drink.


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