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Speedy & Safety Our first priority is to satisfy our customers.
KOTOBUKI is a true partner
We use fresh and clean natural water
clean and safe water, essential for soft drink production
clean and safe water, essential for soft drink production
Our factory is located upstream on one of Hiroshima’s major rivers, the Ota, in its beautiful green valley. Seeking an abundant supply of clean and safe water, essential for soft drink production, we searched all over Japan before deciding on this most suitable location.
The quality of the groundwater here is remarkably good. Its hardness factor is 24 mg/ L, meaning its softness is perfectly suited to the production of soft drinks with a round and mellow taste.

Detailed planning
photo As an integrated manufacturer, we support our customers from planning to delivery through prototype development and production. Our experienced and creative staff satisfy our customers' needs through detailed planning. We also offer new product development, determination of raw material composition and, if needed, even advertising strategy.

Quick proposal making
photo To keep up with consumers' needs that fluctuate on a daily basis, we have built a system that enables us to make a prototype proposal quickly after establishing customers’ requirements. A wide range of raw material storage, backed by experienced staff, makes this system possible. We concentrate fully on how to provide our customers with the absolutely fresh products that they need most.

Manufacturing of a wide variety of products quickly
photo We have two kinds of production lines: filling lines for cartons and filling lines for bottles. They are designed to flexibly fulfill customers’ needs such as quality assurance and quick response. The cooling process of the carton filling line after heat sterilization makes it possible to make shipments on the same day that the drinks are produced. Moreover, installation of a CIP washing system enables us to change those production lines quickly.

Strict sanitation management and traceability system
photo Our factory gained ISO9001:2000 Certification in March 2006 and we are carrying out thorough quality management and sanitation management. In addition, all the materials we use, including cartons and bottles, are traceable.

Quality Management
Careful selection of raw materials and complete quality control during production
We ship all of our products with confidence. From the perspective of health food, products should be quality-conscious, that’s why we thoroughly control quality and taste. Our products are made with well-selected ingredients. Moreover, substantial equipment supports inspections and management during the manufacturing process. In fact, these are our own original skills.

In order to comply with growing customers’ quality requests, we obtained ISO9001:2000 certification and utilize strict quality management. In order to satisfy our customers, all of our staff are continuously improving our work process.



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